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Hospital headwalls, surgical booms, mobile storage, and monitor mounting solutions for your hospital healthcare facility. USA sourced and manufactured.

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Whether you’re looking for a quick transformation, complete overhaul, or want to prepare for the unexpected, our products help you make the most of your healthcare space.

We are here to help you figure that out!  Below is a quick overview of the many options available to you.  Each can be configured to your specifications.

Panel headwalls:  Full panels provide a built-in aesthetic.

Vertical headwalls:  Can be configured as single or dual on both sides of the patient bed.

Horizontal headwalls:  Can be stacked to accommodate additional services.  Excellent for window spanning applications.

Construction Integrated headwalls:  Installed as part of the wall assembly.  Millworker or manufacturer finish options.

Emergency Fast Track headwalls:  Submittal-free with accelerated delivery time for a faster turnaround.  Also mobile headwalls.

Behavioral Health Security headwalls:  Specifically designed to promote safety in the behavioral health environment.  Secure and tamper-resistant, with anti-ligature features.  

Freestanding Medical Power Columns:  Allow access to services around a column.

Surgical:  Provides medical gas and electrical services overhead or under the OR table.

Training/Simulation headwalls:  Plug-in unit with vacuum, air, and simulated oxygen.  Non-functional also available.

Customization is key to making the most of your space.  Our headwalls can be configured for any space, even spanning windows.  Arrange your space to store exactly what you need with modular storage and accessories.  Use wall mounted workstations to free up floor space and contain cable clutter.

Yes!  Our horizontal headwalls span windows, and are available in a single continuous section, up to 17 feet.

Yes!  Our Array Headwall provides the custom look of millwork with the convenience of prefabricated panels.  It is available in an infinite number of finish combinations in your choice of materials.

We do.  Our training headwall is a simple plug-in unit, available with vacuum, air, and simulated oxygen.

Absolutely.  Our headwalls are backed by HSI’s 12-year warranty, while our industrial grade storage systems and wall mount workstations carry a limited lifetime warranty.  

Maximize existing services with our Fast Track Expansion Accessories. Our Moveable Axiom EZ is a vertical headwall on wheels with an easy connect option.  It can also connect to existing headwalls to expand coverage or be packaged with drops, reels, or ceiling outlets.  All our storage is mobile, allowing you to set up and quickly reconfigure spaces to meet your needs.  See also Fast Track Headwalls with an accelerated delivery time.

Because our products are manufactured in the USA with materials sourced primarily in the USA, we have avoided many of the supply chain issues faced by our competitors.

All of our headwalls can be treated with MicrobeCare,™ a non-leaching, instant kill, anti-microbial application that is FDA and EPA approved.  Our wall arm workstations and storage systems have smooth, non-porous, easy clean surfaces.

Of course.  Our products are manufactured and source primarily in the USA.  Additionally, our Emergency Fast Track Headwalls are submittal-free with an accelerated delivery time.