Bed Docking & Bed Bumpers

Bed docking and bumpers provide wall protection and assist in the proper positioning patient beds.

hospital bed docking locator array panel headwall

Stainless Steel Bed Bumper

The stainless steel bed bumper provides necessary protection for wall, headwall, and devices mounted behind the patient bed.  Complements any HSI headwall and can be mounted directly to the building wall.

Can be oriented in a vertical or horizontal position, as one or two pieces.  Mounted with easy to install stand-offs constructed of clear anodized aluminum. Designed for longevity and high impact resistance.  ¼” stainless steel construction. 

6”W x 301/8” L.  Sits approximately 3¼” off the building wall.  

InPro Wall Guards

This bed bumper protects the wall while serving as a decorative element.  May be applied vertically or horizontally.  Available in wide variety of wood grain and solid color patterns. 

Aluminum retainer and an extruded vinyl cover.  .080” thick scratch and stain resistant vinyl.  5” of wall protection with a low 1” profile. Mounting fasteners included 

Qualifies as low emitting product (GREENGUARD Environmental Institute).

inpro-wall-guards array panel headwall

Bed Docking & Locator

Bed docker and locator assists in the proper positioning of patient bed and protects walls. Space for four electrical devices provided on each side of the Bed Locator. 

Device options:  variety of electrical receptacles, phone outlet, data jack, night light, bed communication jack, and low voltage controller. 

Seamless, high impact plastic exterior.  Durable and easy to clean. Standard in Polar White.  Other colors available. 

Bed Shoe

Docks the bed at the Patient Service Column, by positioning one caster at the head of the bed. 

Allows the bed to pivot in an arc from the docked caster without losing its relationship to the column. 

Durable and easy to Install.

bed-shoe docking locator
floor-bed-stop docking locator

Floor Bed Stop

This bed locator keeps the bed from touching the wall.  

Solid vinyl surface.  3” wide and 0.5” high.  May be glued or screwed to the floor. 

Available in black. 

Vertical Bed Bumper

Assists in proper positioning of the patient bed. Protects the wall and any electrical devices mounted behind or nearby the patient bed.  

Used in conjunction with the Infinity™ Headwall System or may be mounted directly to a wall. 

Accommodates either horizontal or roller type bed bumpers.  Horizontally adjustable to match roller type bumpers. 

High-impact ABS Thermoplastic.  Easy to clean – no screw heads showing. 

Non-marring, neutral gray finish.

vertical-bed-bumper docking locator