Surgical Products

Products for the surgical suite.  Retractable medical gas hose reels, electrical cord reels, hose and cord drops, and service pedestals with flat or sloped top.


Sloped Top Service Pedestal

The Sloped Top Service Pedestal is designed for Trendelenburg positioning.

This sloped service pedestal is compact and convenient, accommodating medical gas outlets, electrical receptacles and communication connections.

The sloped top is removable for easy installation and servicing.

Service Pedestal

The Service Pedestal fits under the OR table to accommodate medical gas outlets, electrical receptacles, and communication connections. 

Its sloped or flat top is removable for easy installation and servicing.


Medical Gas Hose Reel

The Medical Gas Hose Reel provides an overhead connection with a concealed retractable hose.  Designed to be used with with non-flammable medical gas and vacuum systems. 

Accommodates one or two gas service valve connections. 

Medical Power Cord Reel

The Medical Power Cord Reel provides an overhead, medical grade electrical connection, with a concealed retractable cord.

Each assembly can accommodate one or two electrical services. 

Medical Gas Hose & Electrical Cord and Data Drops

Hoses accommodate medical gas and vacuum.  Cords provide electrical and data service.  Adjustable cable retractor keeps the hose/cord up and out of the way, when not in use.