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Wall Arm Mounting Solutions

Industrial grade display and keyboard workstations and device mountings for hospitals,  healthcare, and point-of-care environments.  Customizable and backed by the industry’s only limited lifetime warranty.

Strongarm Cleanmount wall mounted wall arm monitor keyboard workstation
Strongarm Cleanmount wall mounted wall arm monitor keyboard workstation


Keyboard and monitor wall arm, featuring a fully enclosed cable passageway to eliminate cable clutter and smooth non-porous surfaces for easy cleaning.  Multiple pivot points and vertical articulation  for optimal ergonomics. 


Keyboard and monitor wall arm with integrated cable management eliminates cable clutter.  Dual axis pivot points and vertical articulation allow for optimal ergonomics. 

Strongarm Healthcare Mighty Mount wall arm display and keyboard
Strongarm Healthcare wall arm tele-health workstation

Tele Health/Tele Medicine

Options include VESA mountings for displays and optional mounts for webcams, PTZ cameras, speakers, audio control modules, keyboard enclosures and trays, PCs, power blocks, scanners, card readers, and more.

All telehealth products are UV sterilization approved and backed by the industry’s only limited lifetime warranty.

Medical Device Mountings

Strongarm Healthcare manufactures mounting solutions for most clinical medical devices. 

Mounting options include track or rail mount, ceiling mount, countertop mount, arm mount, and endless customized mounting solutions. 

With our ability to rapidly design, build, and deliver, we are your best partner for your next fit-out, point-of-care upgrade, or device mounting challenge.

Strongarm Healthcare clinical device wall mount
Strongarm Healthcare display and tablet mount

Display & Tablet Mount

Displays, tablets, and other devices can easily be removed from the articulating mounting arm bracket or locked for security.

Wide range of movement allows the user to safely and easily position and reposition the tablet/device.  Mounting arms can be easily folded and stowed when not in use.

Customized Solutions

Strongarm Healthcare has the expertise and experience to customize, design, and build your healthcare application’s ideal wall arm system or workstation solution.

Since 1990, Strongarm has designed, built, and delivered over 500,000 products with more than 330,000 different design customizations for our customers.

Strongarm wall arm mount customized solutions